About us

Our Company

Taqat Middle East has been recently incorporated with the aim of satisfying the increasing demand for energy solutions in Egypt. The company was established by the shareholders of Select International by joining their competences and organizational skills together with a team of experienced managers in the field of renewable energy. Select International incorporates a group of companies which combined have grown to be one of the leading Data Science providers in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. Egypt lies in the middle of the “Sun belt”, making it one of the most promising countries in the world as far as solar energy is concerned. Furthermore, it is also favored by constant and steady winds, which has already brought many international investors to build great wind farms along the Red Sea and the Eastern Desert. The Egyptian government has set an ambitious but feasible plan to have 20% of its energy production to rely solely on renewable energy by 2020. On-grid photovoltaic alone will cover more than a third of this demand, while off-grid solutions will be the alternative in all those huge areas not covered by the national grid. Our technical team includes engineers with specific experience in photovoltaic solutions, hybrid generator system for telecom, both on and off-grid, while our commercial team encompasses decades of experience in renewable energies both in Egypt and abroad. We also have an R&D department led by academics, which is able to find and adapt any solution to the harsh Egyptian environment. It is our goal to become one of the leading companies of reference in Egypt and the Middle East for renewable energies solutions. We have the means, the experience and the manpower to achieve this goal.

Khaled Khairallah, CEO Taqat Middle East and Member of the Board of Select International

Our Vision

We of Taqat Middle East believe in a sustainable future where human activity will no longer misuse Earth’s resources to profit only a few generations. We believe that technology exists for the benefit of Mankind and that the Middle East has a huge potential, both human and environmental, to contribute to build a better world. We believe that the region has the potential to rely solely on renewable energy and that Taqat Middle East will be a contributor in reaching this goal.

Our Mission

Taqat Middle East intends to concentrate on the accessible renewable resources of the region namely wind and solar power. It aims to become a major provider of technology which enables the most efficient exploitation of these two abundant resources, but not limited to these two. Taqat ME has the means to offer the latest in technology and know-how through its own research team in Egypt and abroad. We are ready to deliver any scale of project, from the single home or farm, to entire agglomerates, by deploying our own work-team for installation and maintenance.