Diesel Generator

(Hybrid Systems)

What is Hybrid Systems?

Hybrid Systems utilize both Solar and conventional energy production optimization.

It can retain its 100% green state by using Bio diesel as a carbon neutral fuel.

The hybrid energy system uses the diesel generator as backup in case of cloudy days or for any problem that may encounter.

Used in The PV system such as:

  • A If the PV system output falls below a certain level, the controller will automatically turn on the generator to provide power for the pump until the PV system recovers.
  • B In case of irradiation drop the controller will start the generator and control its and the PV system’s output to achieve the power demand with the highest efficiency.
  • C In case of the need for night time loading, the controller shall be adjusted to fully operate satisfy the loads at night.

How does it work?

Why Use a Diesel Generator?

  • The generator provides back up for emergencies.

  • It can compensate for the fluctuation of the PV output if a specific fixed power output is desired.

  • Compact.

  • Produces high power.

  • Although it’s not eco-friendly, It can become carbon neutral by utilizing Bio Diesel as its fuel.