Citrin Solar

With peerless precision and unequalled quality, we bring you the pinnacle of the German Solar Water Heating industry: Citrin Solar. Citrin Solar Water Heaters promises and delivers superb quality, Ultra-high performance in keeping with the renowned DIN standards guaranteeing its long life, flawless execution and a reduction in your power bill up to 40%.

Simple and efficient hot water production

A solar water heater that excels by its quick installation, low maintenance and high efficiency.

This system works according to the thermosiphon principle, which means that heat is transferred without pump or control, through natural convection. The solar fluid heated within the collector rises and transfers the heat, through a high efficient double jacketed system, to the potable water in the enamelled storage tank. High selective harp-shaped absorbers ensure highest possible solar yields.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Very long lifetime thanks to high-quality materials

  • Proven CitrinSolar Quality „made in Germany“

  • Flexible installation, on flat as well as inclined roofs

  • Excellent hot water draw-off rates

  • Optimised collector yields thanks to high selective coating

  • Developed in cooperation with the Ingolstadt university

  • Functions according to the thermohydraulic principle, without pump or controler

  • With solar fluid also suitable for use in colder climates

  • 5 year warranty on storage tank, 10 year warranty on collector* (Accessories are subject to statutory liability)

Brochure & Specs Sheet

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