Solar Street Lighting

What is Solar Street Lighting ?

Is an outdoors lighting system utilizing solar energy used to provide free lighting for different applications (streets-gardens-camps).

It is a modular system ready for direct installation.

It requires no cables, no digging and next-to-no maintenance.

How does it work?

System Components

  • 1 PV module: Converts the sun light into DC.
  • 2 Controller: Controls the charging of the battery.
  • 3 Batteries: Stores the electricity generated to be used at night.
  • 4 The Pole: All the components are mounted on the pole.
  • 5 LED Lighting bulb.

Why Solar Street Lighting?

  • No fuel cost.

  • Saves the long cables costs.

  • Saves the civil works required to install the cables.

  • Saves the electricity costs.

  • Independent from the grid power (won’t be affected by power outage).

  • Separate poles won’t affect each other in case of failures in one of them.

  • Ideal for isolated and remote areas.

  • Fully automated, doesn’t require human operator.

  • Portable.