Solar Water Heating

What is Solar Water Heater?

A device captures the heat from the sun and uses it to heat water.

System Components

  • 1 Solar Collector: Collects the heat from incident sunrays heating the transfer fluid.
  • 2 Heat Exchanger: Transfers the heat from the transfer fluid to the water.
  • 3 Tank: Stores hot water for later use.
  • 4 Auxiliary Heater: Used for cloudy times or at night when there’s no sun.
  • 5 Pump: Pumps the cold transfer fluid back to the solar collector to be heated again.
  • 6 Intelligent controller: Monitors the system and ensures the best performance and safety

Why Solar water heater?

  • Safe , clean

  • Reliable.

  • Low pay back period.

  • Great savings .

  • Long life time.