Solar Water Pumping

What is Solar water pumping ?

Solar PV modules converts the sun light into electricity that drives a pump which lifts the water.

Doesn’t require human operator.

Ideal for distant locations.

How does it work?

System Components

  • 1PV modules: Converts sunlight into direct current electricity used to power the pump.
  • 2Pump Controller: Converts the DC electricity from the PV panels into AC electricity suitable for the pump operation while also controlling it to operate and control the pump.
  • 3Pump: Receives AC power from the controller and turn it into kinetic energy used to pump the water up the well.
  • 4Tank: For water storage means for irrigation at times when there is no sunlight such as cloudy days or night time.
  • .Accessories: Switches, safety components, sensors and other necessary accessories to ensure the best operation and longest life for the system.

Why Solar Water Pumping?

  • No fuel cost.

  • No fuel transportation.

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • Long life time (20-25) years.

  • Doesn’t require human operator.

  • Ideal for distant locations.

  • Fairly dependable compared to diesel.

  • No noise.

  • Cleaner.